Why did we start Trackmytennis?
Track My Tennis emerged out of pure necessity. For many years, I helped several clubs manage their programs using paper and excel spreadsheets. After I got married, it became more apparent to me that this was taking up to 10 hours…A WEEK, sometimes even more in busy seasons. I did this work mostly at night, which took away from my time with family.
On one of these painful nights, my husband, who had been implementing management software at his job, asked me: “isn’t there an easier way to do what you are doing right now?” I replied, I’m not sure. I don’t think there’s anything online specific to tennis clubs that can help us save time and become more efficient at managing our programs.” So we searched online for weeks and found nothing. One day, we looked at each other and it hit us. Almost in sync, we shouted “why don’t we build something?”
In the weeks that followed, I spoke with several tennis directors and they all confirmed that they had the same pains I did managing their programs, mostly due to lack of time and the inefficiency of paper and spreadsheets. We also found that they either had to do it themselves or pay someone to handle this for them. Convinced that technology could help alleviate this pain, we built Trackmytennis (TMT).
Designed for pros by pros, TMT helps tennis directors by saving them a lot of time and money achieving these important functions: schedule and publish classes, process registrations, collect and record payments, manage clients and staff and maintain accurate financial records. We created TMT to help tennis directors stop losing time and money when managing their programs.

Meet our Team!

Together, our team combines nearly 80 years of playing experience, 70 years of teaching experience, 50 years of tennis management experience and an unlimited amount of love and passion for tennis. We are tennis pros dedicated to help other tennis pros succeed.



    Besides her killer forehand and quickness around the court, Lille holds over 24 years of playing experience including the collegiate and semi-pro level, and over 13 years of teaching tennis and managing tennis programs. She is a USPTA and PTR certified teaching professional and has a passion for working with students of all ages. She was part of the Cameroonian National and Olympic teams and played NCAA D1 college tennis for Marshall University. When she is not playing or coaching, Lille enjoys interacting with people and finding easier ways to solve day- to- day challenges. As a tennis pro and tennis programs manager, Lille understands the current difficulties tennis managers face and she is dedicated to providing intuitive and affordable solutions.

    Lille holds a B.A in Advertising and an M.B.A from Marshall University



    Navroop is definitely a better technology guy than he is a tennis player, but he absolutely loves the game and he will keep working on his backhand. Navroop brings over 8 years of successfully leading all phases of technology projects. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing business and consumer online software applications, including leading application development for a top payroll software provider. Navroop is a forward thinker who is extremely creative, enthusiastic, organized, and dedicated to delivering a superior product. With his background and expertise, he will continue to ensure that TMT uses the best technology available to solve tennis directors’ management problems.

    Navroop holds a B.A in Accounting from the California State Fullerton and a Certificate in Database Administration from the University of California, Irvine.



    The way Don teaches can only be described as magic! He gets you to do things and you have no idea how you did it. Holding over 46 years of teaching experience, Don is one of the original 18 USPTA Master Professionals. His long career in the tennis world has seen him as a club owner, court builder, tournament promoter, administrator, player developer, mentor, and certification tester for both the USPTA and the PTR. During his years as a tester, Don has had the opportunity to work and interact with more than 7,000 teaching pros from around the world. It was during his 35 years as an international tester for the USPTA that Don developed a passion for helping other tennis teachers become more effective on the court. Through TMT, Don leverages his expertise and extensive knowledge of tennis to also help tennis teachers become more effective off the court. He is the founder of The Tennis Teachers Institute, a member of the Head/Penn national advisory staff, and a 6 time Pro of the Year. Don will help the team navigate through the dense tennis world.

  • Nengi Krukrubo


    Nengi has been taking tennis lessons and can’t quite play yet, but he has incredible analytical skills. He probably is the Roger Federer of Microsoft Excel. His background is in operations and technology management, and he has extensive experience in developing and leading data driven processes in the healthcare and energy industry. He also has experience starting and leading technology startups. Nengi’s expertise will help TMT continue to operate smoothly and deliver superior value to its clients.

    Nengi holds a B.S in industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University and an M.B.A from Northwestern University