Use Testimonials to attract new customers while retaining existing ones

Testimonials are very powerful because they allow a third party to promote your programs for you. Quite often, we get great reviews and great words of appreciation from students and parents, and what do we do with those words? Nothing. We smile, say thank you, get a nice warm feeling in our hearts and get pumped up to continue producing great work.  We often forget that each testimonial can translate into numerous new students and increased revenue.

Tooting your own horn leaves a bad taste, that’s why you should let your customers do it for you.

When clients say something nice about your programs or your staff, ask them if they can write a few short words for you to post on your website or ask for their permission to post what they just said. Have a nice section on your website where you can display those testimonials. People believe their peers, and  favorable testimonials may make a huge difference between you and another club. Good testimonials will also reinforce what your current clients are thinking and can make them stay even more.  So next time a parent says something nice about what you do, don’t forget to monetize it by posting it.