Use Evaluations to Show Tennis Parents Progress

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Most of us like to see progress, especially parents who invest thousands of dollars in tennis programs for their children. Finding tangible ways to show progress is critical in a world of ever increasing instant gratification. Here are some suggestions on how to do it:

Define progress levels and criteria. You can set milestones such as Advanced Pee Wee, Satellite Ready, D1 College, etc… You can be creative or just use standard and established systems such as the Grips Program (

Communicating predefined levels will allow you to set goals for your children, motivate them to get to the next level, and will also show parents that you are serious about their children’s improvement and that you want to communicate that progress with them on a regular basis. This practice will keep your programs focused and organized, will increase your client loyalty and from that a lot of word of mouth will be generated.

Evaluate at least once every session. Sending a formal report to parents and students summarizing the progress they have made and the gap between where they are and where they want to be will make everyone feel better about their investment in time and money.

Use certificates or tokens as tangible symbols of the success your clients have earned. Some clubs use grip colors while other use T-shirts, hats and more. Tangible rewards for improvement will help your students feel proud about their tennis and will encourage them to share it with their friends, thus promoting your programs.

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