Small program? Large program? No problem. Our pricing is very simple and incredibly affordable.
Standard Features: FREE . You get all the features offered in the premium account but you can only accept and record credit card or Paypal payments.
Premium Features:  45 days FREE TRIAL.  Get all the Standard features and give yourself more flexibility when receiving payments. In addition to credit card payments, also receive payments via check, cash or on club membership account.  If you don't absolutely need the premium features, you can keep the standard account for FREE. See the pricing table  below for the Premium account.
Pricing: You only pay for the students who are actively enrolled in your classes and private lessons each month. Select which monthly plan best fits your needs, upgrade or downgrade at any time to adapt to your business cycles.

  • Unlimited Students in Database
  • Unlimited Number of Coaches
  • Professional Website Included
  • Unlimited Students Accounts on Website
  • Subscription Plan Max. enrolled students/month

    Monthly Fee

  • Standard Free Plan (Credit cards only) Unlimited


  • Futures 25


  • Challengers 100


  • Masters 200


  • Grand Slam Unlimited


Fees : Credit card processing will be up to 3.3% + 55 cents per transaction. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot get around that fee :( Subscribe for a premium account! YOU CAN UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE TO ADAPT TO YOUR BUSINESS CYCLES. Click here for a full list of features
What does enrolled students mean?
Enrolled students are the number of unique students enrolled in a class which is scheduled during the month plus the number of students who registered for a private lesson during the month.
My students attend multiple classes in a month, will you count them multiple times?
We thought you'd ask! A student is only counted ONCE in a month for class registrations regardless of how many classes they are enrolled in for that month. On the report for each month, you will see the student name, and all the classes he/she is enrolled in will be listed below that student's name.
What about private lessons?
A student is also counted once for private lessons even if they book a zillion private lessons in a month. Private lessons booked each month will be listed under the student's name.
What if I go over my limit?
No worries.You will still be able to accept registrations and we will send you a separate invoice for the difference between your current plan and the one you should have been in.
What if I want to close my account?
You will make us really sad :( But simply send an email to and we will take care of it for you.