Serve Master by the Total Serve

The ServeMaster is a revolutionary new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering serve and overhead techniques. Carry it in your bag for use on or off the court. it simply and easily teaches players of all levels efficient serve technique for power, spin and control.

Fastest Tennis Serve Technique - Improve with The Total Serve

Billie Jean King Eye Coach

Endorsed by Billie Jean King, the Eye Coach is a revolutionary new tool to improve your tennis game. Using the Eye Coach at home for 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks mean 5000 extra hits to train exactly HOW to keep your eye on the ball.

The Eye Coach: Learn More

The Ball Magnet

The Ball Magnet is a great tool that allows players to be safer on a court, and spend more time playing and enjoying tennis. This invisible ball boy captures over 80% of balls hit into net, keeping them off the playing court, and making it easy to pick up. It’s ideal for clinics, drills and matches.  Ideal for clubs, high school and college teams. 

The Ball Magnet