Use Testimonials to attract new customers while retaining existing ones

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 23, 2014

Testimonials are very powerful because they allow a third party to promote your programs for you. Quite often, we get great reviews and great words of appreciation from students and parents, and what do we do with those words? Nothing. We smile, say thank you, get a nice warm feeling in our hearts and get pumped up to continue producing great work.  We often forget…

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Use Evaluations to Show Tennis Parents Progress

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 17, 2014

Most of us like to see progress, especially parents who invest thousands of dollars in tennis programs for their children. Finding tangible ways to show progress is critical in a world of ever increasing instant gratification. Here are some suggestions on how to do it: Define progress levels and criteria. You can set milestones such as Advanced Pee Wee, Satellite Ready, D1 College, etc… You…

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Craig Newport Beach

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 9, 2014
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3 Ways to Protect Paper Tennis registrations

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 5, 2014

Many Tennis Directors and Pros unintentionally create a risk for identity theft and fraud by collecting credit card information on paper forms from their clients and storing that information carelessly. While many times, nothing goes wrong, this is potentially a unnecessary disaster waiting to happen if the information were to get into the wrong hands. An alternative is to accept payments online via secure web…

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Online Registration Enhancements

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 4, 2014

Hello Folks, This weekend, the team made some improvements to the online registration process (via credit/debit cards) on which improves payment notifications to Students, Parents and Club Managers while maintaining a secure experience for your clients while using PayPal. Sign up for your free account today and we’ll be glad to help you accept online registrations immediately for your tennis program classes and private…

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Manual data entry alternatives in tennis programs

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 3, 2014

Don’t you dread getting those wonderful stacks of registration forms each session? If you still enter information from students manually each time you get a form, you are probably losing up to 5 minutes when you account for reading the information, deciphering the handwriting, entering it into your spreadsheet and taking special care not to make any typewriting mistakes You can solve this using a…

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Takeaways from Using the Eye Coach

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : January 2, 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to work with Lenny Schloss (Founder of The Eye Coach) and we discussed the Eye Coach’s 5 in 5 program. Revolutionary stuff !! The Eye Coach is truly amazing. Here are my top 4 take aways from using it: 1. Oh I wish I had an Eye Coach Growing up! I spent countless hours in my living…

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Reasons to be thankful as a Tennis Pro

Author : Lille Krukrubo Date : November 29, 2013

Being a Tennis Pro is one of the coolest jobs in the world but sometimes it gets tough. On Thanksgiving day, we thought we’d share our top 5 reasons to be thankful as Tennis Pros We make a nice living doing something we love and have fun doing it We have flexible working hours unlike most 9-5 jobs We help kids and parents reach their…

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