Are you leaving money on the table?

We are great are what we do, which is coaching and bringing up new talent. But when it comes to managing the administrative side of our business, could we be leaving money on the table? To find out, let’s ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Are we making it super easy for our clients to register for our programs?

  2. Are we making it super easy for us to manage our clients?

  3. Have we evolved to the 21st century or are we still stuck using archaic methods ( i.e pen and paper) to manage our business?

  4. Are we collecting our cash fast enough?

  5. Are we spending the least possible amount of time on administrative tasks?

  6. Are we efficient at managing our business?

If you answered NO or MAYBE to any of these, chances are you are leaving money on the table. Here are 5 powerful reasons why you should upgrade the way you manage your tennis programs, and it all starts with ditching paper registrations and allowing your students to register online.

Although we could have come up with these benefits, we wanted you to hear from another company that provides online event registrations. To make more tennis sense, we have adapted some of the benefits they listed and we added other benefits that successful tennis directors shared with us.

So why leave your money on the table when you don’t need to?  You switched to using cellphones, emails and online banking, right? Embrace the 21st century and start accepting registrations online!  Yes, it’s a change from what you have always done, but it’s one change that’s well worth it. Your clients will love it and you will as well! 

Lille Krukrubo, CEO,


The Top 10 Benefits of Online Registration for You and Your Participants:

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